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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BIRTHDAY!

The Lego Batman Movie_Birthday Party Planning

The Lego Batman Movie is coming out this week and the kids and I can’t wait to see it in theater!  We loved the first Lego Movie, and the new Batman version looks hilarious.  I have been following The LEGO Batman Movie on Facebook and the clips they share always crack me up.

When I saw that the release date for the movie was just a couple weeks before my son’s 7th birthday, I knew immediately that it would make a great party option for him and his friends.  I will admit that it took a little convincing to get him on board with the idea since he had his heart set on laser tag, but seeing the previews has made him just as excited as me.  He is still a bit young for laser tag, so we will keep that as an option for a future birthday party.

The Lego Batman Movie_Birthday Party
My Batman and Batgirl – Halloween 2016

Booking the party was very easy through the form on the Cineplex website.  They offer two styles of Popcorn Parties and I have chosen the Premium Package that includes reserved theatre seating with a popcorn tray for each guest, and an hour in the party room afterwards with hot dogs or pizza for everyone.  Comparing other party options at indoor playgrounds and recreation centres, I was quite happy with the pricing for the Popcorn Parties.  A minimum of 8 children is required to book a party and the premium package is just $19 a child.

Cineplex Popcorn Parties

Since the theater can’t provide times until a week before the party, I have sent out these Save the Date style invitations.  Fingers crossed that everyone RSVP’s so I know who to send out the final information to.

The Lego Batman Movie_Birthday Party Planning_Invitation

This type of party limits to my decorating and food options, so I will be focusing most of my creativity on the birthday cake and some fun Batman & Lego themed party favors.  I have been anxiously checking my favorite party websites to see if there would be Lego Batman Movie themed partyware available, and was excited to pick up some matching plates and cups at Party City this week.

The Lego Batman Movie_Birthday Party Planning_Partyware

Since I am not sure how quickly one hour will go in the party room, one other thing I have come up with a game of Batman themed BINGO.  I will have this on hand to play if we have time after pizza and cake.

The Lego Batman Movie_Birthday Party Planning_BINGO Game

For game prizes, I think I will pick up a few of the new Lego Batman Movie McDonald’s Happy Meal toys to award to the winners.

The Lego Batman Movie McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

You can download my free printable set of Bingo playing cards and calling cards here:

Check back soon for my party favor ideas and a full review of the Cineplex Popcorn Party!



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