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FREE Printable Fortnite Valentine’s

Fortnite Candy Inspired Valentine's Dolled Up Design

My son has never been good about doing class Valentine’s.  As my 6 year old daughter sat at the kitchen table happily writing hers out this weekend, I remembered back to all the whining and complaining that came with doing his at that age.  I think it took us the good part of a week to actually made it through his entire class list.  

As he gets older, it has only become increasingly more difficult.  There seems to be little he is interested in these days beyond video games and I knew it was going to be a challenge to find store bought Valentine’s that weren’t too “babyish” for his liking.

Fortnite Valentines Dolled Up Design

Lucky for him, he has a mom who is a designer and willing to accommodate his request for custom Fortnite themed Valentines.  And as a bonus, by designing and printing our own I was able to put his name right onto the Valentine’s and save myself the battle of making him write his name out 22 times.   Win Win!  (Sorry, if you do use the printable your kid may have to still print out their name.)

Fortnite Candy Inspired Valentine's Dolled Up Design

My daughter picked out Valentine’s themed Jelly Belly’s to go with her store bought cards, so I wanted to find a small candy treat to go with my son’s as well.  I remembered these Efrutti gummi Mini Burger’s and knew they would be the perfect Durr Burger.  Then, I came across these pink gummy bears at Dollarama and knew they would pair perfectly with a second version featuring the Cuddle Team Leader.

Fortnite Candy Inspired Valentine's Dolled Up Design

For my Durr Burger themed Valentine, I came up with the tagline “Have a WonDURRRful Valentine’s Day!”

Fortnite Candy Inspired Valentine's Durr Burger

For my Cuddle Team Leader version, I used the saying “May Your Valentine’s Be Warm and Cuddly”.

Fortnite Candy Inspired Valentine's Cuddle Team Leader

To assemble, I simply folded over each Valentine and taped the matching candy inside, sealing the open edge with a small heart sticker.  My son is excited to hand them out to the class and I was happy to forgo the writing battle with him this year.

Fortnite Candy Inspired Valentine's Dolled Up Design

Download the free printables here:



Happy Valentine’s Day!


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