Doll House, Our Forever Home

Let There Be Lights!

My husband met with the tile installer early last week to go over the tile layouts throughout our new home.  We then had a chance to get into the new house on Friday and on top of the good progress happening on the tile, we were thrilled to see the electrician had been in and begun installation on the majority of our light fixtures.

For our fireplace surround, we chose a dark grey tile that will go floor to ceiling.  There will also be a lighter grey accent strip going in the white area in the picture.  I lost the battle with my husband for a mantle, but I think the final result will be a nice, clean look.   The tile is quite dark, but I think it will balance nicely with our natural colored hardwood.


The front foyer light was one of our splurges and there is a similar styled fixture that is yet to go into the dining nook.  They are a bit funky, but it looks good in our big open foyer and adds some interest to the space.


For the downstairs and upstairs landings, we went with a slightly cheaper chandelier that kept with the linear look.  They are not as interesting, but they do look good.



I was most excited to see the fixtures in the kids rooms because these were the ones my husband gave full control of over to me.  It was hard to tell when picking them out in the lighting store amongst all the other fixtures, but they turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Camden was very excited to see the airplane flying high in his room:


And I absolutely adore the way the light reflects from my little girls chandelier.  I think this was the light selection my husband and I were most unsure about, but it is one of my favorites in the house.


Back to the tile work, we were happy to see our back entry way complete and the custom granite for the dog dishes in place.  We just need to select some coat hooks to install above the benches and I think it is going to be a great space for keeping all our coats, shoes and dog gear organized.


In our ensuite, the tile work has started but there is still the accent strip and the full shower to hopefully get done this week.  So far it looks good and is fitting with the vision we had in our heads.


And, finally, in the other two bathrooms and the laundry room we went with a basic square tile in the same dark grey used on the fireplace and in our ensuite.  It is not nearly as exciting as some of the other stuff happening in the house, but it still looks great!


We are still awaiting our 30 day possession notice, but we are happy to see stuff going in and the house getting closer to completion.  Hopefully it will all be worth the wait in the end.



Doll House, Our Forever Home

Finally, We’re Getting an Ensuite!

We were out to the house again last night and I am excited to finally have a pretty decent exterior shot to share!  The siding has been slow, but it is just about done now and it looks beautiful.  I can’t wait to see the finished product with the stonework around the base of the garage.


Our current house has what is called a “cheater ensuite”.  We have access to it from our master bedroom, but there is also a door into it from the hallway and it serves as the main bathroom for everyone.  It has been working fine since the kids are still small, but as they grow it is going to be nice to have our own separate bathroom spaces and a bit more privacy.  A true ensuite is one of the few things I feel is really lacking from our current house and I am very excited to be getting an incredible ensuite with a jetted soaker tub and multi-jet shower just for us adults to use.



I absolutely love the steps up to our ensuite and the built in shelves we added beside the soaker tub.  The shower will be on the other wall, but I will get to that once tile is started.

1001559_10153138306135497_835176547_n (2)

Our new house has three full bathrooms vs. the one and a half bath we currently have.  We made the decision to add a tub to the main floor bathroom to have a space for overnight guests and, more importantly, a place to bath dirty dogs.  We currently have to pack our 70lb and 40lb dogs all the way upstairs when they are muddy and need a bath.  It will save a lot of backache to have the bath/shower unit on the main floor.  The kids are also still young so I foresee them bathing their in the evenings when I have work to do in the kitchen or if it is a messy spaghetti night where they need to go straight from table to tub.

The actual tub we chose for the kids and main floor bathroom is a little larger then your standard tub.  I have had to give up a bit of counter space, but I think the nice, round tub will be great for bathing kids and dogs in.


The bathrooms cabinets are the same natural maple we have gone with in the kitchen.  There is a bank of drawers for each kid in their bathroom and the open shelf on the bottom will hold extra towels.


I was also excited to see the bathroom cabinets had the drawer hardware already on.  They are clean and simple, just the way we like it!


And finally, a picture to show the progress happening in the kitchen.  They seem to have been working at a pretty good pace and have already gotten one wall of upper cabinets installed.