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14 MORE Great Advent Calendars – Christmas 2016

Advent Calendars 2016

Last year I posted my list of 15 Great Advent Calendars to Countdown to Christmas 2015 and I have some fun new additions available this year.  My kids loved their Lego and Fisher Price Little People calendar’s last December and I am looking forward to seeing which one their auntie selects for them this year. Continue reading “14 MORE Great Advent Calendars – Christmas 2016”

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Treats for the Frozen Lover


If you have kids, it would be a pretty safe assumption that you have seen the Disney movie Frozen.  Several times.  Maybe several dozen times.

I took my son to see it in theater back in December, and while he and I both enjoyed it, I didn’t think it would be the massive hit it has turned out to be.  When the movie came out on DVD and my Facebook feed exploded with mentions of everyone’s children singing adorable renditions of “Let It Go”,  I admit I got kind of annoyed and refused to buy the DVD.  It took a couple months, but I did finally give in and both kids and I have enjoyed sitting down to watch Frozen half a dozen times or so now.

The craze hasn’t seemed to really die down on social media and my Facebook and Pinterest feeds are still full of Frozen mentions.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em so I decided to fully embrace the madness and came up with this adorable Olaf inspired treat jar to share as my first contributor post on Moms & Munchkins.


This craft is a fairly simple DIY and was easy to pull together with easy-to-find materials including terra cotta pots and saucers, acrylic paints, felt, google eyes, a fake carrot nose, pipe cleaners and a hot glue gun.  The most expensive item for the project actually ended up being the chocolates to fill it!


To see full written, step-by-step directions, please visit my contributor post on Moms & Munchkins.






To complete my finished snowman, I filled it with Hershey’s Hugs.  If you have seen the movie, you’ll understand why this seemed fitting!



Right now our Olaf is just sitting out on our kitchen counter, but I can’t wait to incorporate him into our decorating come Christmas time.  If you have a Frozen lover in your life, this would make a wonderful Christmas gift or look great as part of a Frozen party table or display.


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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

I love stockings!  My mom used to do an amazing job of stuffing ours right full and it was always great fun to unwrap all the small treasures Christmas morning.  Now that I have my own kids, I tend to go a little overboard buying small items here and there to fill the stockings.

My 3 year old son’s stocking this year will contain:


And Santa will be leaving these treasures for my 19 month old daughter (minus a hand puppet and hair bows I forgot to include!):


We are down to just one week until Christmas so I thought I would share a list of all my favorite toddler stocking stuffers for you last minute shoppers!

For Bathtime:

  • Rubber Duck (bonus if it is Christmas themed)
  • Bubble Bath
  • Body wash/shampoo
  • Bath crayons/paints
  • New toothbrush and toothpaste


  • An orange for the toe of the stocking
  • Smarties
  • Skittles
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Candy Canes
  • Gerber puffs or Mum Mum’s for the really little ones

Fun and Games:

  • Card games (Go Fish, Old Maid)
  • Hand or finger puppets
  • Coloring books
  • Crayons or markers
  • DVD’s
  • Stacking cups
  • CD’s of children’s music
  • Magnetic letters for the fridge
  • Lacing beads
  • Fisher Price Little People characters
  • Playmobile figures
  • Lego minifigure packs
  • Small puzzles

For the girls:

  • Small hair clips or hair accessories
  • Disappearing milk  bottles for their doll’s
  • Small utensils for their play kitchen
  • Kid friendly lip gloss or nail polish

For the boys:

  • Hot wheels or other small cars
  • Thomas or other small trains
  • Action figures
  • Hockey or other trading cards

Christmas items:

  • A new ornament for the Christmas tree
  • Small Christmas books
  • Christmas socks

To wear:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • A t-shirt with a favorite character
  • A fun toque
  • Mittens
  • Mitten Clips


  • Cutlery set
  • New sippy cup
  • Rolled up place mat


  • DVD’s/Blu Ray disks
  • CD’s of children’s music
  • APPmates toys that work with the iPad (I have found a few at Dollarama)

Do you have any other unique suggestions?  Please feel free to comment below and I will add to my list!