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DIY K-Cup Advent Calendar

DIY K-cup Advent Wreath

Somewhere between having 2 kids and becoming a stay at home mom, I became a coffee drinker.  I managed to make it through 4 years of university without touching a cup of coffee, but the sleepless nights with newborns and long days with toddlers quickly turned it into my preferred form of caffeine.

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Friday Favorites: Bailey’s in my morning coffee


I managed to make it through a 4 year university degree without developing a coffee habit.  I didn’t really care for the taste and didn’t end up needing it to fuel any all nighters – perhaps I could have studied a bit harder.

The Christmas before we had my son, I bought my husband a mini Kuerig coffee maker as part of a baby survival themed gift to him.  He was a coffee drinker so it was initially bought for him, but it turns out that I get far more use out of it now.  I never was completely turned off by coffee, enjoying the occasionally fancy coffee drink from Starbucks or Second Cup, and quickly discovered that with some flavored creamer my coffee at home could be just as tasty.

I enjoy trying the different flavored creamers and get excited when I see something new in the grocery store – like the Bailey’s Irish Cream flavored line of creamers.  I discovered them a few months ago and in my excitement bought all 3 flavors to try – Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Original Irish Cream.  They are all really good, but I think I prefer the original so that’s what is currently in our fridge.


I have gone from being a non-coffee drinker to having a once a day habit.  Late nights and early mornings with kids will do that to you!  I now look forward to my morning cup of coffee during my hectic mornings with the kids and some mornings will even get up a wee bit earlier then the kids so I can sit and enjoy it in peace while it is still hot.

Thank you Mr.Coffee and Bailey’s!