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Olympic Party Game: Pin the Rocks on the Rings


At 4 years old, I think we are finally to a point where I can begin planning some small games and activities for my son’s birthday parties.  In the past it has just been a free for all with his toys, but this year I wanted to plan a few fun things that related to my theme.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a pretty common party game but I decided to give it my own Olympic spin by making it curling themed.  My husband is a curler and the kids and I often spend time at the rink watching him play so I figured this was something fun my birthday boy would recognize and enjoy.

To make the board, I simply created a curling ring design and will be printing it as a 16×20″ print ($8.99 through the Costco Photo Centre).

Pin the Rocks on the Rings Board

The rocks are sized on 4×6″ sheets so they will be printed as standard photos and then cut out.  I will attach double sided tape to the backs before the party so we are all ready to play the game.


For your own game of Pin the Rock on the Rings, please click on each of the images above  and save as a jpeg to your own computer for printing.