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Bye Bye Baby


In the last few weeks my baby girl has gone from taking her first wobbly steps to walking steadily on her feet.  At 16 months it has been long awaited and eagerly anticipated, but I find myself filled with mixed emotions this week as I watch her make the quick transition from baby into a toddler right before my eyes.

Keira and I have both been battling colds this past week.  I was awakened the other night around midnight to her screaming and after 15 minutes of waiting for her to settle back down, I gave in and got her up and out of the crib.  Cuddling with her on the couch in the dark I couldn’t help but be brought back to the quiet times spent in the middle of the night nursing and cuddling her back to sleep.  I miss that time with her.

Keira is our last baby.  While my thoughts drifted to what it might be like to have another baby to cuddle, I couldn’t imagine having another.  It is the cuddles with HER I miss.  I am happy with my “million dollar” family, and just need to remember to cherish all these small moments that go way too fast.  While I have been anxious for her to walk, in many ways I am thankful she drug things out and let me enjoy her being my baby.

My girl gives the BEST snuggles.  She nuzzles her head right into your neck and wraps her body tightly around you.  I love getting her up in the morning because I am always greeted with a huge sleepy eyed smile and a tight snuggle before she’s off and into trouble.  She has also started giving open mouth kisses – probably part of the reason I have her cold!

I love that she is walking and discovering new things.  The perma-grin plastered to her face when I set her down and let her walk through a store or public place warms my heart.  These past weeks she has also become a pro at opening and closing the doors and has finally  started waving bye.  Just like the walking, the waving has come a little later and I am taking it as a sign that it is time for me to say “bye-bye” to the baby phase and embrace having a toddler.


I love you my little Keira-boo!