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Up in the Clouds – Keira’s Hot Air Balloon Nursery


Now that they are making good progress on our new house, my husband has suggesting it is time I start thinking about what I want to do with the kids new rooms.  It doesn’t seem that long ago since I worked on my little girl’s nursery and I think I will just reuse most of the décor items in her room until she is ready to be moved up to a big girl bed.

For her nursery, I chose a hot air balloon theme.  I wanted something bright and girly and it seemed like an easy theme to pull off with a few simple DIY projects.


I started with a bright bedding set and we added stripes of blue and pink paint around the room.  The blue stripe served as a sky-like background for simple 3D clouds I cut out of poster board and glues together using rubber cement.


For the air balloons, I simply attached paper lanterns onto dollar store wooden baskets using ribbon and hot glue.  Each balloon was finished off with the addition of a cute animal in the basket and hung from the ceiling.


We ended up using the crib and furniture from my son’s nursery, but I did find her a special pink chair.


I carried the balloon theme through onto some wall art I hung by the chair in basic white Ikea frames.


I am very happy with the finished space and will be a little sad to leave this house after spending so much time doing each of the kids nurseries.  I love the pink, green and blue color scheme and I am pretty sure there will be a similar color palette once I do design her a new room.