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Party Favorites: Aladdin Drink Dispenser


One of my favorite party purchases last year has to be these Aladdin brand mason jar style drink dispensers from Walmart.  I bought them on a whim last year before my daughters birthday party and will admit that I was a bit skeptical of quality for the $10 price tag.  I even kept the receipt on hand just in case I experienced leaking spout issues like I have had with other inexpensive drink dispensers I have purchased in the past.


After a full summer of use, I am happy to report my two are still holding up well.  I love the smaller size of these jars which makes it easy to offer a few different drink options at smaller gatherings, and they fit nicely in my fridge to keep iced tea or lemonade on hand during the hot summer months.  With the addition of some fresh citrus slices or cut fruit, they also make a beautiful addition to any party table.


If you are planning to host any barbeques, parties or gatherings this summer I highly recommend these dispensers.  They are in this weeks Walmart flyer and I am tempted to go buy a third to have on hand as a back-up.  I look forward to using ours this summer to keep the kids hydrated while playing outside and maybe to try a yummy sangria recipe or two for myself!