Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Official Puppy Hugger Shirt



There is no question my little girl love’s her puppy’s.  Since she’s been able to crawl, she can often be found on the floor cuddled up to one dog or the other.



One of her first words was “dog” and she squeals in delight when she sees our dogs first thing in the morning or when we come across another dog outside.

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When I found this shirt at Carter’s, I knew we had to have it.  The saying couldn’t be more suited to her and the fact that our newest family member is half French bulldog made it all that much more perfect.


I have loved Carter’s clothes for both my kids.  Their stuff is very cute and it is comfortable for playing and sleeping in.  I ended up with a lot of puppy themed articles for my son and I love that their current line has a lot of puppy themed stuff for the girls.  Keira wears some of her brothers hand-me-downs, but I am a sucker for pink on my little girl and may just have to go back to Carter’s to check out some of these other puppy items: