Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Birthday Freebies!!


Yesterday was my birthday.  Leading up to the not-so-big day, I decided to try and take advantage of as many birthday deals as I could and signed up online for all kinds of loyalty clubs.  There is a lot of good stuff out there and it was a fun to see my email inbox full of birthday wishes and coupons this week.  After some printing and planning, we set out for our day…


We began the day with breakfast at Denny’s where I got to enjoy a free Grand Slam – I just had to present photo ID and purchase a drink.  I opted for the French toast slam and the kids shared their own junior grand slam with eggs, bacon and pancakes.


Next it was off to the mall to pick up my free birthday gift from the Sephora Beauty Insider Club, check out the Lego store and try to find some new pyjamas for the baby.  We accomplished the first two items, coming home with an adorable mascara and face highlighter from Sephora.  I guess the PJ’s for the baby will have to wait.


The morning went quickly and it was soon time to head to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  We made a quick stop at Booster Juice to get my free birthday smoothie for Camden to enjoy on the car ride and I stopped through the Starbucks drive through to get my free Birthday latte – Mmmm, Pumpkin Spice!  The email from Booster Juice was for a full size smoothie, but I had them just give me a snack size for my little guy.


With the kids safely at Grandma and Grandpa’s, I went and met my husband at the new house for our 1:00 appointment with the finisher.  We got to go over our plans for the shelving in the closets and check out the progress on the house.  The cabinets were all in and it was a nice birthday surprise to see that the bathroom countertops had been installed.


After picking up the kids the plan was to go for ice cream, but they have been sick this week and both desperately needed naps.   I received birthday emails for ice cream from Baskin Robbins (buy one cone get one free, $5 off a cake), Dairy Queen (buy a med blizzard get one free and $3 off a cake), and Marble Slab (free small cone with one mix in, $3 off a cake).  Luckily my husband picked up a DQ cake on his way home from work so we did end up getting ice cream in the end!


The good thing about most of these freebies is they are valid for the entire week surrounding your birthday.  I plan to redeem my free birthday burger from Red Robin this weekend and we’ll likely take advantage of the BOGO Orange Julius when we are out and about.

Looking for other Birthday Deals?

Milestone’s emails out a gift certificate for a free entrée if 3 other entree’s are purchased.  The website also makes mention of a free birthday “surprise dessert”.

Join Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club to receive a coupon for a free entrée on your birthday.  When you join the club, you also get a sign-up email with a free appetizer or dessert.

Sign up for the Boston Pizza BP Buzz and receive a free starter for joining, free dessert on your birthday, and a free two topping individual pizza for your first anniversary.

The Body Shop will send you a $10 off coupon to use during your birthday month, but you have to sign up for their Love Your Body Club at a cost of $10.  I don’t buy enough from The Body Shop to feel this was worth it, but it does give you 10% off all purchases throughout the year so it is a good deal if you do shop there often.

Old Navy emails out a birthday coupon for $10 off your $50 purchase.  (Just fill in your email address at the bottom of the webpage.) I have been needing new pants for my son so I think I might take advantage of this.  I might also top up the order with those PJ’s I still need for the baby!

Michael’s sent me a birthday message and coupon for 20% off my entire purchase.  This coupon is good for the whole month so I am sure I will come up with a project/reason to make use of it in the upcoming weeks.

So there you have it – sometimes it pays to give out your email address.

Know of any other freebies I missed?  Please share in the comments!