Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Target Party Aisle


After much anticipation, I was very excited to have Target finally arrive in Canada.  I could spend hours browsing the entire store, but my favourite aisle by far has become the party aisle.  The selection of character brand supplies is excellent and I like the modern patterns and bright colors on some of their more generic themed supplies.

542214_10153134240445497_1558261753_n (2)


I decided to take the kids yesterday to pick up a few things for a small birthday celebration we will be having on Monday. I have been eyeing up this felt “Happy Birthday” banner for months so I decided this was a good excuse to finally buy it.  Although I found it too late, it would have fit in perfect with my Go Dog Go party.  It is a nice basic piece and I am sure I will find lots of use for it with future celebrations.


Next we perused the pet aisle to find the perfect gift for the birthday girl.  A squeaky cupcake seemed to fit the bill!

1148990_10153134239895497_1479116948_n (2)

And when you have a three year old in tow, no shopping trip is complete without a trip through the toy aisle.  While my son checked out the latest hot wheels, I got a start on my Christmas shopping and grabbed this Little People set for my littlest person.  She loves her Princess Castle so I was very excited to find this set.


Now to get to work on the DIY decorations for the birthday girl’s cake!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Target Party Aisle”

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Unfortunately this was over a year ago so I doubt they would still be in store. The one I purchased has long since been destroyed by my two dogs. I have tried searching for alternatives on the internet and am not really coming up with anything for you.


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