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And the Mickey and Minnie Stockings were hung by the chimney with care…


My daughter’s stocking last year was a small pink “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking with a teddy bear on it.  It is cute, but no longer appropriate.  I am on the hunt for a set of matching family stockings, but since I still haven’t found anything I love I needed a solution for a stocking for Keira to use this Christmas.  I have seen a few different styles of Disney themed stockings in stores and cute versions on Etsy, but decided I could come up with something I liked better and would probably cost less.

I think these may be my favorite thing I have created for our Mickey and Minnie themed Christmas.  They turned out a lot nicer then I expected and total cost to me was less then $3 for the black and white felt I bought to cut out the embellishments.  I was lucky and already had the stockings from a Christmas advertisement I had created for work several years ago, but you can buy these basic felt stockings for around $1 at any Dollar Store or Department store such as Walmart.

I ended up using 4 sheets of black felt and 1 sheet of white.  For the Mickey stocking, I cut 2 large circles of white felt and added small strips of black to them to create his buttons.  For Minnie’s signature polka dot look, I cut out several smaller white circles and also added a white ruffle along the top to make it a bit more girly.  Once satisfied with the layout of each, I hot glued all the pieces onto the stockings.


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go to the effort of adding ears, but decided to go with them in the end.  I used the same method I did for my Merry Mickey Snowman, sandwiching a piece of cardboard cereal box in between two sheets of felt.  To complete Minnie’s look I glued on a red bow I hand made from red ribbon.


I love the simplicity of these.  The stockings I saw in store had multicolored images of mickey printed on them and just didn’t have the same modern, graphic feel my versions do.


They coordinate well with the paper banner I created and I think they dress the mantle up quite nicely.  I just hope they’re big enough to fit all the toys and treats Santa might be bringing the kids!



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