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Say Cheese! Capturing My Christmas Cuties

Last year I staged this shot of my two little darling’s reading a Christmas story in their matching jammies:

I absolutely adore the photo and am so happy I took the time to buy and set out the props and capture a special shot of the two of them together.

This year I wanted something equally special.  I came across some adorable toddler sized Santa aprons at the Dollar Store and that solidified my initial idea of doing something that involved Christmas baking.  I was going to make sugar cookies, but last week I decided to attempt a Rice Krispie gingerbread house with my son and it ended up being the perfect opportunity to capture my Christmas photo for this year.




With a little direction from myself, my 3 year old did an amazing job decorating our little house.  He was way more cooperative for the photos then I expected and I think he had a lot of fun with his special project.  I don’t think it hurt that there was plenty of candy for the kids to snack on throughout the process!






I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I do enjoy playing around with my camera and capturing photos of my two favorite subjects.  I think this years shots turned out just as good as last years and I look forward to eventually having a whole collection of special Christmas photos with my two cuties.

Any great ideas for next year’s photo? I would love to hear them! I did buy an adorable snowman making kit recently so maybe we’ll have to take our photo’s outside next year.

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