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My Lego IDEAS: Garden Gnomes

Brickheadz_GnomesBlogTitleLego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle Doll

It has been far too long since I have posted, but I am very excited today to be sharing a different design project of sorts.  I have decided to try my hand at creating my own Lego IDEAS based off their popular BrickHeadz product line.  I love these quirky block shaped characters and knew the ever iconic Garden Gnome would lend themselves perfectly to being re-created in this brick format.
Lego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle Doll
The BrickHeadz line-up includes many great licensed characters, but I am particularly fond of their seasonal line that celebrates the holidays.  At $12.99-$24.99 CDN each, they are great little collectible sets to gift to the kids on special occasions such as Valentines, Easter, Halloween or even Chinese New Year.  I thought my fun little Garden Gnome set would fit perfectly in the line-up to depict all things Spring/Summer.  Heck, there is even an official World Garden Gnome Day that is celebrated every June!

Lego BrickHeadz Collection

The idea came to me one sleepless night and I think it was fueled by seeing one too many plush gnomes shared in the Facebook craft groups I recently joined.  I had also just gotten the BrickHeadz Elves set from my 9 year old son for Christmas, so the BrickHeadz and Lego building were definitely on my mind.
Lego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle Doll
Since there are may BrickHeadz figures already on the market, it made it easy to draw inspiration and bring my idea quickly to (virtual) life.  The Lego CAD software was all new to me, but it was easy to get the hang of and build out my figures.  I used LeoCAD, but I would recommend the officially Lego branded Lego Digital Designer if I were starting over again – both are free downloads.  There is a library of every Lego piece in every color imaginable,  and I had a ton of fun when it came to accessorizing my Gnome’s with the white picket fences, grass, flowers and toadstools!

Lego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle Doll
Once complete, the next thing to do was to upload my submission to the Lego IDEAS site for approval.  It took a few days, but was very exciting to see my idea up and be able to share with others.  There are some AMAZING ideas on the site that people have worked on for years, so I do feel like a novice submitting such a simple idea.  Sometimes simple is best though, right?Lego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle Doll

And, now that my submission is officially up on the Lego IDEAS site, here comes the very hard part of garnering enough support to have Lego actually consider turning it into an official product.  I am proud to be well on my way to the first benchmark of 100, but it is still a very long ways off from the 10,000 supporters needed!  Luckily Lego gives you a fair amount of time to try and make this happen.

Lego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle DollIf you would love to see these Garden Gnomes eventually make it to store shelves, please visit the Lego IDEAS site at and register for your free account to click the “Support” button on my project.  I would also be very grateful if you could share and help gain as much support as possible from all fellow Lego, BrickHeadz and Garden Gnome lovers.

Lego IDEAS BrickHeadz Garden Gnomes Chantelle Doll

And if you love Lego and have your own amazing Lego idea, I encourage you to build it out and submit it to the Lego IDEAS site too!  It is so amazing to see the fan ideas that have actually made it all the way through to store shelves.  I love the Steamboat Willie and recent Dinosaur Fossils set!

Finally, for more great Gnome inspiration, be sure to check out the Hangin’ With My Gnomies themed wedding shower I hosted for my sister several years back.  She’s definitely rooting for this product to become a reality!



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