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Friday Favorites: Sing-A-Long Elsa

We had a lot of great moments on our trip to Disneyland this past February, but I think my absolute favorite moment was my 2 year old belting out her own rendition of Let it Go during the Frozen Sing-Along.

Since then, her speech has improved greatly and after listening to Let It Go repeatedly in the car and singing along to the DVD, I think she has all the lyrics and matching gestures down pat.

Last Christmas she was one very happy little girl to receive the Snow Glow Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific.  Grandma and Grandpa did a great job picking a toy she loved, and there are still very few days that go by without hearing it belt out “Let It Go!” at some point in the day.


Despite already owning Snow Glow Elsa, though, she saw the new Sing-Along Elsa* on display at Toys R Us and insisted she needed it.

Me: But you already have an Elsa dolly like that.
Keira: No, this one is different.  Her dress is different.  I NEED it!


It is amazing the attention to detail they seem to notice.  Besides the slightly different dress, though, I was happy to discover there are some other exciting differences with the new Sing-A-Long Elsa.  Instead of just a snippet of “Let It Go”, Sing-A-Long Elsa sings the full version of the popular song.  Music to my ears!


You will also notice that Sing-A-Long Elsa comes with a matching microphone.  This magical microphone recognizes the song and the singer, allowing your Frozen fan to interact with the doll as she sings.  Place the microphone to the doll’s mouth to begin the song and your child can then sing into the microphone for their favorite part of the song.  Once the microphone is placed back in front of Elsa, she will pick up singing the song right where your child left off, creating the perfect duet.

And that impressive new dress?  It lights up in a beautiful glow as Elsa sings, just like our Snow Glow Elsa.  I think this is part of the reason we often hear her singing out from my daughter’s dark bedroom after she’s been tucked in.


I don’t think hearing my 3 year old’s sweet singing will ever grow old and I am excited to hear her sing in duet with this new Elsa doll.  I can guarantee she is going to be one happy little girl Christmas morning thanks to Jakks Pacific and their great line of Frozen toys.


* Products mentioned were provided to me free of charge.  All opinions on the product are my own. 

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