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Easy DIY Handprint Snowman Christmas Cards


Between my two children, we have 6 different teachers to buy Christmas gifts for this Holiday season.  My kids both love school and I think the teachers and aides play a big part in that so I wanted a small gift each to thank them for their efforts.


When Bath & Body Works had a sale in November for 10 hand soaps for $35 I decided they might make a great gift for the teachers.  Everybody uses hand soap and Bath & Body Works has some very lovely scents at this time of year.  I picked out 10 assorted holiday themed hand soaps and grabbed a matching mini hand sanitizer to go with each.

I also lucked out and got a half price voucher to the Lindt store from, so I grabbed a small package of Lindor chocolates to include in each of the gift bags.


For a personal touch and to get the kids a bit more involved with the gifts,  I decided to have them help out with the cards.  I found these great blank card packs in the craft supply aisle of Dollar Tree and knew I could easily find a way to decorate them with the kids.


I got the idea to make snowmen from the kids handprints on Pinterest and decided that would be easy enough to attempt with my kids.


To make our snowman, I painted white acrylic paint onto the fingers and top part of the palm of each of my kids left hands.  We then pushed the hand down onto the front of the card with fingers slightly spread.  I reapplied the paint between cards to ensure a clear handprint.


Once the white snowmen were dry, I went back in with orange paint to give each snowman a carrot nose.  Afterwards, I took my selection of colored Sharpie markers to draw on hats, scarves, arms , buttons and eyes and to write “Merry Christmas” across the top of each card.  For the envelopes, I ended up stamping my own finger to make a single matching snowman on the front.


This is a quick and easy project to make for anyone on your holiday list.  If you can’t find the ready made cards, you could easy make your own by cutting a folding a piece of cardstock to size to fit inside any envelope.

And, apparently great minds think alike because my daughter’s preschool teacher created similar ornaments as gifts from the kids to their parents.   Hopefully she doesn’t mind receiving a similar card back!



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