Dressing for Disney: Beauty and the Beast


Since starting to plan for our Walt Disney World vacation, I have become a little obsessed with Disney Bounding.  For those not aware, this is when you channel your favorite Disney character and dress in similar colors and styles inspired by their look.  It is not meant as a costume to look exactly like the character, but rather a more subdued nod or tribute to that character.

For my first set of looks, I was inspired by one of my all time favorite Disney movies: Beauty and the Beast.  It has been hugely popular over the past year with the release of the new live action film and I knew my daughter would be excited to wear the look with me.


For my daughter, I ordered a simple tank dress with details inspired by Belle’s stunning yellow ballgown.  There are several variations of this dress available on Aliexpress, and you will see some of the other princess versions in my upcoming posts.  My daughter loves wearing a full princess ballgown costume, but I know she is going to be much more comfortable in this lightweight cotton style while we are enjoying the parks.


Also from Aliexpress, I found several great pairs of printed capris for myself.  I used these as the starting off point for many of my mommy daughter coordinated outfits.  The first pair I ordered were the Beauty and the Beast printed pants, which I knew would be easy to combine with a top and accessories for me to become the Beast to my little Belle

For my shirt, I wanted something in a rich blue like the Beast’s jacket during the ballroom scene.  I ended up getting this blue tank from Rickis that was exactly what I was looking for.  The crochet detail in the front mimics the ruffle front detail of the Beast’s suit and it is a flattering shirt to add into my wardrobe even when I am not Disney bounding.


Finally, the glass rose necklace really helps makes the outfit.  It is a mini version of the Beast’s rose you see in the movie and is the perfect accessory for any Beauty and the Beast themed Disneybound.  For earrings, I was also lucky enough to have held onto this adorable pair of Mrs Potts earrings from when I was a kid, and am excited for a good reason to make use of them again.

Now, if only I could score a coveted Be Our Guest lunch reservation during our trip so we could get pictures of our outfits inside the Beast’s Castle!



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