Dressing For Disney: Alice in Wonderland


For today’s Disney inspired outfits we are going to Wonderland with cute park-friendly looks I put together for both my daughter and I.

Since it is acceptable for kids to wear full costumes in the parks, my little Alice will be wearing an adorable costume dress and matching headband I found on Aliexpress.  It is a lightweight cotton and couldn’t be cuter with it’s frilly sleeves and apron.  A lot of the princess dresses tend to be long gowns, but the short length of this costume makes it perfect for riding the spinning teacups or hopping on the carousel.


I will be channeling the Queen of Hearts with my playing card inspired leggings and heart shaped accessories.  This is the third pair of this style of capri leggings that I have ordered off Aliexpress and I am so happy with the quality, fit and style.  They will be perfect to keep me comfortable on long, hot days in the parks.


For my top, I settled on a black tank I got on clearance from Rickis.  I love the subtle diamond texture on the front and the chiffon detail at the bottom that makes it the perfect length over leggings.


When it came to accessories, I settled on a sparkly gold rope and red heart jeweled necklace.  This chunky necklace was a steal off aliexpress at only $5.75 and brings out the gold/yellow details from the Queen’s dress perfectly

And, since a Queen needs a crown, I found a small gold crown hair clip for my hair.  I love that you can be a bit silly and childish in Disney and no one will even bat an eye!




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