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Dressing for Disney: The Little Mermaid


Today’s Disney parks friendly mommy daughter looks are inspired by The Little Mermaid.


Like her Belle look,  my daughter’s outfit is centered around a cotton tank dress I ordered off Aliexpress.  I just adore the shiny green scale print on the skirt.  Paired with the purple on top, it definitely still comes across as Ariel even without seashells and fins.

And, since the dress is rather plain on top, I wanted to find a small necklace to accessorize.  Mommy shouldn’t be the only one to get fun accessories!  I found this adorable seashell necklace that matches nicely with the scale print in the skirt.


For my look, I decided to channel my inner villain and come up with something inspired by Ursula.  These sparkly purple scale print capris are not something I would ever think to search for myself if it weren’t for this outfit, but I kinda love them and can definitely see myself wearing them outside the parks.

For my top, I chose a black shirt with flutter sides that mimic the movement in Ursula’s tentacles.  I loved the layered mesh detail in this top, and it is something easy to dress up or down when I am not posing as an evil sea witch.


To complete the look, I went with a large statement necklace made up of seashells.  I was trying to find something close to the necklace Ursula trapped Ariel’s voice in during the movie, but ended up really liking this more elaborate piece.  My earrings will be simple seashells in a matching metallic finish.


The countdown to our trip is on and I am growing excited to pack and wear these fun looks on our trip.  Check back next week to see what other fun looks will be going in our suitcases!






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