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Dressing for Disney: Snow White


When it comes to Disney princesses, my 5 year old’s two favorites have always been Snow White and Aurora.  When I came across these simple princess dresses, I knew Snow White was definitely the first one I would have to order.  The design is simple, but with the red, yellow and blue combo it is immediately recognizable as the Fairest of Them All.  A poison apple necklace to accessorize doesn’t hurt!


This time around, instead of going the Villain route for my coordinating mommy outfit, I decided to pull my inspiration from the fun loving Dwarfs.  Although Dopey might not be the best Dwarf to match my personality, I knew he would be easy to represent with a green shirt and purple cap on top of my Snow White printed capris.


I found the perfect green Henley tank top at Rickis, but was disappointed that they were all out of the size I needed in store and online.  The menswear inspired styling and faux pockets with buttons really reminded me of the Dwarfs button up shirts.  In a moment of brilliance, I realized they still had my size in white and decided I could attempt to dye it the green I wanted.


I was a bit skeptical, but the Rit dye worked great to transform the shirt into the exact shade I wanted.  And since I was already changing things up, I decided to also switch out the white plastic buttons for more rustic brown bamboo versions.  Voila!  Completely new shirt.


A big part of Dopey’s look is his purple cap, but since it is going to be hot in the Florida heat it didn’t seem a great idea to wear a toque.  I found a tied style fabric headband for that pop of purple color on my head, and will be wearing these purple gem inspired earrings to complete the look.


The Seven Dwarves Mine Train was not at Magic Kingdom when we were last there over 10 years ago so I am very excited to don my Dopey inspired look and see what all the excitement is about.  (And, yes, luckily we already have our fastpasses!)

I just hope my little Snow White isn’t too terrified!


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