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Mickey Ear Ornaments (Take Two)

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Make It Yourself

It has been quite a few years since I made my original Mickey Ball Ornaments and the post is still wildly popular at this time of year.  I still love them mine and am always excited to put them on our Christmas tree year after year.

When I saw these adorable Santa belt ornaments on the Dollar Tree website, I just knew I needed to grab some to give my Mickey ear makeover.

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Dollar Tree Supplies

I also found some red and white striped ornaments that I knew would make a lovely matching Minnie Ear set – all that was needed in addition were a package of ready-made bows.  I was able to find all my supplies in the seasonal aisle at Dollar Tree.

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Make It Yourself

If you can’t find matching mini ball ornaments for the ears, you could also grab some small craft foam balls and paint them.  I think these ornaments would look equally great with black ears.

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Make It Yourself

With just a little cutting, and hot gluing I have a new set of adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments.

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Make It Yourself

Even if we can’t be at a Disney Park this holiday season, at least we have these to remind bring a touch of magic into our home and remind us of all the great memories we made with Mickey and Minnie last year.

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Disney World

For more detailed directions on how to make your own Mickey and Minnie Christmas Ball Ornaments, visit my original post.

DIY Mickey Ball Ornaments





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