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Mickey Ear Ornaments (Take Two)

Mickey Mouse Ear Ornaments_Make It Yourself

It has been quite a few years since I made my original Mickey Ball Ornaments and the post is still wildly popular at this time of year.  I still love them mine and am always excited to put them on our Christmas tree year after year.
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Christmas Holiday DIY Playset for 18 Inch Dolls

Christmas Holiday DIY Playset for 18 inch Dolls

My daughter has begun collecting Our Generation doll’s and I love the wide variety of accessories and playsets available for them.  Everything is just that much cuter in doll size! Continue reading “Christmas Holiday DIY Playset for 18 Inch Dolls”


Moana Party Inspiration: DIY Kakamora Cups

Moana Party_Kakamora DIY Party Cups

We recently celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday and the birthday girl requested a Moana themed party.  Even though we planned a very small family celebration, I love a good theme and can’t help myself from coming up with a few DIY projects to set the scene and make her day extra special. Continue reading “Moana Party Inspiration: DIY Kakamora Cups”

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Disney On Ice: It Pays to Be Prepared

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream Review

Since a Disney trip is not in the cards for us this year, I decided to try and fill that void by booking us tickets to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream.  After reading glowing reviews online and seeing by my 3 year olds reaction to the commercials for the show on Disney Junior, I knew we would all have a great time.  Continue reading “Disney On Ice: It Pays to Be Prepared”

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Easy DIY Handprint Snowman Christmas Cards


Between my two children, we have 6 different teachers to buy Christmas gifts for this Holiday season.  My kids both love school and I think the teachers and aides play a big part in that so I wanted a small gift each to thank them for their efforts. Continue reading “Easy DIY Handprint Snowman Christmas Cards”

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Giving Back Without Breaking The Bank: Operation Christmas Child

This week we are focusing our charitable efforts on a more global scale with the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box program run by Samaritan’s Purse International Relief.  The church my daughter’s preschool is run out of collects these boxes every year, so it was very easy for me to grab two boxes to fill and bring back.  Annual collection week for all shoeboxes runs next week from November 16-22 so there is still time for you to fill a box and help make a huge difference in a child’s life.

The boxes are meant to be filled with a variety of toys, school supplies and toiletries.   They are shipped all across the world to children in third world countries who might not otherwise receive anything for Christmas.  The Operation Christmas Child site has great instructions on How To Pack a Shoebox, and I really love this expanded list of box-filling ideas from Passionate Penny Pincher.

Operation Christmas Child Labels and Boxes

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Drops of Love Baby Shower


When my good friend asked me to help with her daughter’s baby shower it was an easy yes.  I knew she would be undergoing back surgery just a few weeks before the shower so it was a good way for me to lend a hand during her recovery period.  She also gave me plenty of months notice which always makes it that much easier to agree to.

It was nice to be able to help out a friend by doing something I love, and lucky for me she trusted me enough to pass full creative control over.  I had attended the gender reveal party so I knew the baby was going to be a girl and spent a lot of time perusing pinterest to try and come up with the perfect girly theme.  I had seen these chevron printed tablecloths at Target that I loved, so I decided to pick a couple of them up to use for the food table.  The baby is due in April so my mind went to April Showers which helped me settle on a rainbow theme using the color scheme from the tablecloths.



My main decoration was a large rainbow and clouds I crafted to hang on the wall.  The clouds were simply cut from white foamcore and I created the rainbow by winding colored streamers around tubes of foam plumbing insulation.   I was able to find the foamcore at the dollar store and the insulation tubes were reused from the Olympic Rings I had crafted for my sons birthday party last year, making it a very inexpensive party decoration.


Guests were greeted into the hall with a simple sign I designed to match my rainbow decoration.  Inside, they were invited to make their mark on a fingerprint guestbook and help create a lasting reminder of the day for the sweet momma-to-be.  I have always loved the idea of a fingerprint guestbook and I thought fingerprints lent well to becoming little raindrops under my rainbow and cloud graphic.


Alongside the guestbook were cards where everyone could write their wishes for baby, and then place them into an adorable pink mailbox I found on clearance after Valentine’s day.

The guest of honor’s best friend also set up a Guess Mommy’s Tummy game where guests cut a piece of yarn to the size they thought would fit around the mommy’s waist.  Her sweet 4 year old niece ended up being the closest and the consensus was that it was a direct result of how much time she spends hugging the little cousin growing in auntie’s tummy.  🙂


I found some cute watering cans at the Dollar Store and filled them with a fake rose arrangement to use on the food table.  The baby’s name will include “Rose” so it seemed fitting.  I also did some quick subway art with the phrase “Love makes good things grow”.


The heart and raindrop shaped sugar cookies were baked and decorated by myself.  They were a bit time consuming, but I was really happy with the way they looked piled on the small platters throughout the table.

The cupcakes were ordered through Walmart and finished off with cloud shaped toppers I baked out of meringue.  They fit perfectly with the theme and I was pleasantly surprised just how darn tasty those Walmart cupcakes were!  I normally bake my own, but I might have to keep them in mind for my next party.



The fruit was displayed as a rainbow and served with clouds of white chocolate creamcheese dip from heart shaped bowls I bought at Dollar Tree.  I tried to keep to my color scheme and used strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, watermelon balls and fresh pineapple.


One other fun detail I “borrowed” from Pinterest were these tiny umbrella’s from half a round of Babybel cheese and a plastic bendy straw.  I had the straws trimmed down ahead of time so it was easy to cut the cheese in half and assemble them right before the party.


I always find shower games tricky so I decided to reuse one of the ideas from my sister’s Elephant themed baby shower.  Everyone there seemed to enjoy the baby version of Price is Right, so I decided to revamp my artwork and use it again at this shower.


The printables were designed with the color scheme in mind and I think the best part of the game was watching the momma-to-be try to match the price tags to the right products.  She did fairly well, only mixing up a couple of the prices.


It turned out to be a lovely afternoon and I loved the way all my details came together to give a bright pop of color and remind us that Spring and other good things are on the way!


Momma-to-be was beyond spoiled by all her close family and friends and should now be more then ready to welcome that sweet baby girl into the world in the upcoming weeks.  I can’t wait to meet her!