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A Welcome Basket for Doobie!

My sister and her husband spent Saturday travelling to their breeder to pick up their gorgeous new purebred white lab puppy.  They have wanted one for a couple years now and decided to finally take the plunge when they found out two of their favourite dogs were going to be bred.  I know it has been a long 8 weeks waiting for puppy to get big enough to pick up and I am so excited for them to finally have little Doobie home.


Isn’t he cute??


My sister has been great about giving my kids gifts and celebrating my growing family, so I wanted to do something special for her new little arrival.  You can never have too many toys and treats with a puppy so I found a variety of things for her and packaged them in a small basket.


Other puppy necessities in the basket besides the toys, treats and bones included rug cleaner, dog shampoo, paw wipes, pee pads, a Litey Leash and the bone shaped poo bag dispenser hanging off the side.


Welcome to puppy ownership!  Hopefully there aren’t too many restless nights, pee spots, or chewed items in your future.



1 thought on “A Welcome Basket for Doobie!”

  1. Know what is missing – coffee! He loves all his stuff so far. Even used the shampoo to get him to smell like us, well strawberries apparently.


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