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Rudolph Holiday Party

Rudolph Holiday Party

I am so excited to share my all the details from my Rudolph party with you today!  I love bringing my ideas to life and seeing a party vision come together.

For this party, I had hoped to do something in the weeks leading up to Christmas but found it incredibly hard to plan something with all the other parties and obligations people have at this time of year.  As Christmas day approached, I still really wanted to execute some of the ideas I had come up with in my Rudolph Treats inspiration post and decided to put some snacks and treats together to enjoy with my family on Christmas Day.  My niece had also just turned one just a few days before Christmas, so I thought it was the perfect excuse to subject my family members to my party planning craziness.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food and Decorations

For Christmas day, I had already planned to put out some light snacks to munch on in the afternoon and tide everyone over until it was time for turkey dinner.  Putting a Rudolph spin on everything wasn’t that much extra effort and the little details really helped add to the excitement of the day.

The turkey pinwheels were made the day before and simply had to be sliced and arranged on the plate.  Using green tortilla’s and finishing the stack off with a star cut from a yellow bell pepper made for a cute little Christmas tree next to my stuffed abominable toy.

Then, with the help of some pre-made tart shells, my Bumble-Berry Tarts were another clever tribute to everyone’s favorite abominable monster.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Bumble-berry Tarts and Turkey Pinwheels

We also enjoyed a variety of sliced cheese, meat and Christmas shaped crackers to snack on.  The Santa belts around the Babybel cheese were a little over the top, but they were a huge hit with the kids.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Santa Cheese & Christmas Crackers

My maraschino cherry “dirt covered red noses” and reindeer hooves went over well, but one of the most popular items was the cranberry baked brie.  You can’t go wrong with melted, gooey cheese and the touch of cranberry and pecans gave it that festive touch.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Dirt Covered Red Noses, Cranberry Baked Brie & Reindeer Hooves

My fruit and vegetable platters got a holiday spin by arranging them into a Christmas tree and a wreath.  The tree shaped pan for the fruit was a foil cake pan I came across at the Dollar Store and filled with red and green fruits.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Festive Fruits & Veggies with Dip

These meringue hats were my second attempt at meringue cookies and they are surprisingly easy thanks to the help of my KitchenAid stand mixer to effortlessly whip the egg whites.  My first batch were labelled as dwarf hats for my Snow White Picnic Party and these ones were layered in red and blue as an ode to Hermey the elf’s iconic hat.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Hermey's Meringue Hats & Eggnog Creampuffs

I had planned to bake and decorate a cake, but ended up cutting it out for the sake of my own sanity.  Between everything shown here, and an entire turkey dinner to cook Christmas day, it just ended up being too much.

Since we were celebrating my niece’s birthday I still wanted some type of cake, which luckily cake in the form of the Rudolph themed cupcake decorating kit I had tucked away after getting it on clearance after last Christmas.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Peppermint Cupcakes

My punch ended up a lot less white/clear then I was hoping, but it still worked as Sam the Snowman.  My original plan was to use a plain round glass vase, but I found this great glass cookie jar that couldn’t have been more perfect to add the mustached face to – the lid even works as his hat!

Rudolph Holiday Party Food - Yukon's Silver & Gold chocolates & Snowman Punch

I also was happy with the way my tissue paper wrapped glass vase turned out looking like a Santa sack to hold Yukon Cornelius’ silver and gold wrapped chocolates.

Rudolph Holiday Party Food and Decorations

And, if all this wasn’t enough of my favorite red-nosed Reindeer for one day, I also had the joy of unwrapping a Build-A-Bear Rudolph from my son and a stuffed Clarice from my daughter on Christmas morning.  My son was so excited to give the gift to me and I love that my husband took the effort to go to the mall with the kids and have them each build a reindeer for me.  |He let them pick out the clothing and I think they really show each of the kids personalities.  I look forward to having these guys out on all our Christmases to come.

Build-A-Bear Clarince and Rudolph 2014

I hoped you have enjoyed looking!  This food table was a lot of fun to plan and hopefully I have given you some easy ideas for your party planning next holiday season.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Holiday Party

And, to host your own Rudolph the Red Nosed themed Christmas or Holiday party, I have made things easy by providing all the free printables.  Just click on the link below to take you to the goodies!

Free Rudolph Party Printables



5 thoughts on “Rudolph Holiday Party”

  1. Do you have the printables you used for the food? How did you do the snowman on the punch bowl? I am planning a Rudolph party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday this weekend and have loved looking at your ideas!


    1. Hi Kayla,
      I am sorry I do not have these readily available for upload this week. For the snowman, I drew his face on the computer and then printed and cut it out to stick on the punch bowl.

      Good luck with your party this weekend – Rudolph is a fun theme to work with. Sorry I could not help you out at this time.



  2. I LOVE this! !! I am a rudolph fanatic. My whole house is decorated with rudolph from November to january. I had my son’s newborn pictures taken with him wearing a rudolph hat and he wore rudolph themed clothing for months. Good thing he was born december 10th! Anyways, I found your site while searching ideas for a rudolph themed first birthday party. Did you create all the signs and labels? If so, you are so talented! Any idea where I could get some like these. I love them! I can’t wait to explore your site more!


    1. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. It sounds like you might love Rudolph even more then me! I will work on getting the printable labels uploaded to the site over the next few weeks.


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